Bob Crandall on the Airline Industry

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Bob Crandall, former CEO of AMR on the Airline Industry.

Mr. Crandall gives very straightforward answers to my questions regarding airline deregulation, government and state department failures, foreign investment in US airlines, airline alliances, off-shore aircraft maintenance and more.


Author Mark Berent of “Rolling Thunder”

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Recipient of the Silver Star and author of the five book Vietnam Air War series, here’s Mark Berent in a wide-ranging one-on-one interview:



Inside LAX Radar Approach Control

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ATC Controller Pat Keane, inside the heart of Los Angeles Approach Control:

Living the Dream: 747 Pilot Jeremy Giguere

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Flying Cathay Pacific 747s out of Hong Kong, Jeremy Giguere shares his piloting experience:

Flying the B-2 Stealth Bomber

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Bill Flanagan flew the B-2 and managed much of the flight test program.

Here is that experience in his own voice:

Flying the SR-71: Bill Flanagan

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Bill Flanagan flew the SR-71 in the 1980s at Edwards AFB. Here’s what it was like, in his own words.

Vietnam: A Fighter Pilot’s View

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A firsthand view, a first person analysis from

Ed Rasimus, F-105 and F-4 pilot

discussing his first combat tour in 1966, then his second in 1972;

lessons learned and a 40 year perspective to look back on: